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My name is Bruce Shew.


I am running for Cabell County School Board of Education to use my organizational and management skills to promote fair hiring procedures, proper budget priorities, and proper management of Cabell County Schools.


I want to insure the arts are available throughout the students Elementary, Middle, and High school years.
These programs are proven to provide lifetime experiences and are instrumental in teaching
organization skills, teamwork and mental awareness. In addition, those in the arts have
continually scored higher on college entrance exams and have maintained higher GPA’s.

  • Feeder schools accountable for High School Programs. (Not to give personal derogatory
  • Various projects need to be examined closely not to allow for overrun’s and excess spending.
    Grant opportunities must continually be used.
  • Health Insurance needs to be revisited yearly to insure State Board and State Legislature are in
    agreement on funding and coverage.
  • Insure all county schools are treated equally and fairly.
  • Increase Tech Ed classes to achieve higher graduation rates and educate students to today’s job
  • School Service Personnel to be treated with dignity and respect.
  • History classes should not be eliminated. Additional Math and Sciences provided online as
  • Insure Homeless students are treated fairly and provided necessities as needed.
  • Bullying must be addressed by all schools, teachers, administrators and staff. Public schools
    should be inclusive and all should have a sense of belonging.
  • At Risk students should be identified and supported to insure proper education as well as
    individual basic needs.
  • All schools should have mental health therapists, counselors and social workers at their disposal.
  • All schools and teachers must have high expectations in order to achieve High results.
  • All schools must have double door entry and security without fail. All students and staff must fill
    secure that includes fear from the outside as well an internal fears, such as bullying and mental
    conditions. Counselors must be trained or hired to help alleviate these fears.
  • All School principals must have transparent goals, these goals must be communicated to
    students, teachers and the community at large.